Work of Asian designers showcased at New York Fashion Week

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New York Fashion Week first emerged in 1943. Known then as “Press Week,” it was originally created to draw attention away from French designers to American ones.

Today, the bi-annual event is known for drawing designers from around the globe. In the process, it is slowly becoming more diverse.

CGTN’s Karina Huber explains.

Models for four Indonesian designers hit the runway at New York Fashion Week in the Indonesian Diversity show.

For Alleira Batik the inspiration behind the collection was the island of Bali, known for its beaches, rice paddies and rich culture. It was the label’s first New York runway show. It was all about growing the brand.

For designer Dian Pelangi, the focus was on changing perceptions about so-called “modest fashion.” The collection was called “Social Love” inspired by the power of social media. Pelangi’s Instagram account has almost five million followers.

The fashion industry isn’t known for being inclusive, but things are changing. You’ll see a lot more diversity on the New York runways today than in the past. The designers are also becoming more varied.

No Sesso – a Los Angeles label that has been gaining buzz over the past few years – was the first show by a transgender designer at New York Fashion Week.

A recent report said September 2018’s New York Fashion Week the most diverse ever in terms of race, size and age. This latest one could top that record.

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