Huawei set to create world’s first 5G train station

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Huawei set to create world's first 5G train station

Tech giant Huawei is equipping a major train station in Shanghai with 5G services. It will make the Hongqiao railway station the first in the world to have such technology.

CGTN’s Han Peng reports.

Downloading a 2-gigabyte high-definition movie in less than 20 seconds on your phone is now becoming a reality in Shanghai. 

Tech giant Huawei is equipping the Shanghai Hongqiao railway station with 5G infrastructure, and it will be the first train station in the world to offer 5G wifi. 

The 5G base station boast a peak internet speed of 1.2 gigabyte per second and will also be used for the countless robots in the station.

The station will be fully covered with a 5G system by September and Huawei said it is just the tip of the iceberg. 

“While 4G changes our life, 5G will change the society, which means using 5G technology to connect with everything, such as robotics, cars, and so on,” Peter Zhou, the Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei’s Wireless Network Product Line said. “It will make the world fully digitalized and intelligent.”

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