LEGO plans to build on its success in China

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Danish toymaker LEGO has opened a new flagship store in Beijing, and the company plans to double its presence in China this year. The company sees the country’s growing affluence as a good opportunity amid the growing gloom in the industry. CGTN’S Wu Lei reports.

For most Lego fans, those colorful bricks mean hours and hours of fun. A dragon, a crane, a helicopter – the sky is the limit!

Six-year-old Lu Hanchen is crazy about Legos. “I like playing with Legos very much,” she said. “Sometimes when my mom asks me to sleep or eat, I still want to play with them.”

Many said playing with toys like Legos can boost their children’s creativity and patience.

Lu’s Mother, Zhu Wen, has also bought her traditional toys like flying chess, but Lu seems less interested in those.

“We parents prefer toys which will help boost the development our children’s brains, reactions and memories,” Zhu Wen said.”And as living standards improve, children need toys with better quality and safety.

LEGO first entered China in the 1980’s. Now the company has about 60 branded retail stores nationwide, and they plan to more than double that to 140 by the end of this year.

The ambitious expansion plan shows that LEGO is optimistic about Chinese families’ growing need for toys, and the fun and creative spirits they bring about.

To meet the growing demand, LEGO built a factory in Jiaxing city of eastern China’s Zhejiang province; it’s also opened a new flagship store in Beijing.

Paul Huang, the general manager of LEGO China, explained that “We are doing the right thing at the right market at the right time. China has a more and more affluent middle-class population and two-child policy implementation, and also the upgrade of people’s consumption. We see these are great opportunities for us in China.”

Many believe China is a shining beacon in a dim global toy market. Huang said that although challenges like copycats remain, they will continue to take the right strategies to explore the market.

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