South America’s Dakar Rally is the most dangerous race in motorsports

Americas Now

Every year in January, more than 350 cars, trucks, motorcycles and quads take part in the one of the world’s most controversial competitions.

Drivers put their lives on the line for an eight thousand long kilometer race across South America. It’s called, the Dakar Rally and it spans from Argentina to Bolivia.

It’s been called the ultimate endurance test for adventure seekers.

Christian Cajica is a competitor from Colombia. He is our Urban Voice on “Americas Now.”

The cost to race in the Dakar Rally can be more than the grand prize. For example, the winner in the Motorcycle Class is awarded around 50 thousand dollars. Sponsorship is one way to finance the expensive sport. It’s something that Christian Cajica says is not easy to get.

The Dakar Rally moved to South America in 2009 after security concerns in North Africa caused the cancellation of the event the year before.