Illegal border crossings by immigrants are constant in Roma, Texas

Americas Now

If there’s one place in the United States where citizens might support the completion of a U.S. – Mexico border wall, it could be Roma, Texas. That’s because the only thing separating Roma from Mexico is the Rio Grande River.

There’s no fencing, no barbed wire, no barriers of any kind. And illegal immigration is continuous.

So why are residents resistant to building a wall? Correspondent Mike Kirsch travelled to the town to tell us.

Roma is located in Starr County, the poorest county of Texas with a high unemployment rate. The median income is $20,000 a year and only 10% of its citizens have a college degree.

In one 24-hour period recently more than a thousand undocumented immigrants were caught trying to cross into Roma by U.S. border agents.

Mike Kirsch was there as it happened and shows us what he saw in this report.