Egypt voters approve constitutional changes, more power to president

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Egypt voters approve constitutional changes, more power to president

In Egypt, voters approved a bundle of constitutional amendments that could see the president stay in power until 2030. But this comes amid vote-buying claims. In addition, Human Rights Watch said the referendum was held in an ‘unfair’ environment.

CGTN’s Adel El Mahrouky has more from Cairo.

A sweeping 88.8 percent has brought victory for the Yes voters in Egypt’s referendum. The turnout, however, was not stunning, only 44.3 percent of Egyptian had their say in the vote.

“Great People of Egypt, from now on, you’ll have a parliament of two chambers, one is the House of Representatives and the other is a senate,” declared Lasheen Ibrahim, the president of the Egyptian Elections Authority. “Women have a minimum, a quarter of the parliament seats. Starting today, presidential terms have become six years.”

The constitutional amendments will see the formation of a high judicial council headed by the Egyptian President.

It also makes the Egyptian Military the guardian of the civil state and prohibits a president from appointing a defense minister without the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces’ approval.

“I respect both the yes and no voters. Personally, I voted Yes, because I felt that it’s important to bring back the representation of farmers and laborer’s in the parliament,” said voter Ibrahim Younis.

The constitution’s amendments take place effective immediately. 24-million Egyptians believe these changes will bring stability and renaissance to the country.