Russia & DPRK promise joint solution to nuclear challenges on Korean Peninsula

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Russia & DPRK promise joint solution to nuclear challenges on Korean PeninsulaRussian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un shake hands as they pose for pictures prior to their talks at the Far Eastern Federal University campus on Russky island in the far-eastern Russian port of Vladivostok on April 25, 2019. (Photo by Alexander Zemlianichenko / POOL / AFP)

A promise to strengthen ties, and to find a joint solution to Korean Peninsula nuclear challenges –
pledges made by Russian President Putin and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s leader Kim at their summit in Vladivostok.

CGTN’s Dan Ashby reports.

In a Russian university: a meeting in a place where thousands meet every day.

But could this one prove pivotal for world peace

Kim Jong-un’s development of nuclear weapons is a global security crisis, but this first-ever summit ramps-up Russia’s role in trying to shape the solution.

“We have of course talked about the situation on the Korean peninsula. We exchanged views on what should be done, and when, in order to gain good prospects for improvement,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

“The purpose of my visit to Russia this time is to meet with President Putin in person, exchange views with each other on the Korean Peninsula and the regional situation that the world is interested in,” DPRK leader Kim Jong-un said.

Russia’s intervention comes after the DPRK’s talks with the U.S. stalled.

But President Putin said the two countries must build trust, even via a legal agreement.

In short, Moscow wants Pyongyang to give up nuclear weapons, but also wants to ensure stability.

“We don’t want any kind of turmoil right at our border, military conflict, we don’t want a revolution in North Korea. We would prefer evolution. We don’t want to provoke regime change, which is located in a sensitive area and could send waves of refugees to our country, or could get the US military force concentrated next to our border,” Former Russian Diplomat Georgy Toloraya said.

Russia earned itself a bigger role in negotiations. President Putin is trusted to convey Pyongyang’s position to Washington.

And that shows how well he and Chairman Kim got on.

Chairman Kim arrived with an entourage and a motorcade of limousines, but he hopes he has left with something much more valuable: the beginning of a friendship with President Putin.

For the students of the university, it was a day like no other: passing security agents on the way to class and waiting for glimpses of world leaders.

And if they enjoy studying history, it just got a little closer than ever before.

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