Nature is the key to a happy kitchen for an eco-friendly chef in Ecuador

Americas Now

A chef in Ecuador forages and fishes to create menus that capture ancestral flavors. Rodrigo Pacheco goes beyond being environmentally conscious. He incorporates the environment into his culinary experience. 

Rather than purchasing food at a supermarket, he prefers to scour the land and sea around him to prepare his unique cuisine.

He believes this connection to nature not only enhances the meals he creates but brings a special energy to his team and patrons.

Beside his culinary skills, Rodrigo had a strong connection to the communities where he cooks and a deep sense of responsibility to them.

For our Game Changer meet the founder of Bocavaldiva Chef Rodrigo Pacheco.

Rodrigo has created workshops in Ecuador with his partner from Netflix’s “Final Table.” He and Charles Michel teach their method of sustainable cooking and show participants how to transform overlooked local ingredients into fine cuisine.