A fossil hunter in Colombia who offers his private collection to the world

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In Colombia, a self-taught paleontologist is digging for secrets to the past. And he’s opened a museum with hundreds of fossils in the middle of a desert.

Our Game Changer found his first fossils near his Colombian hometown as a child. He became a full-time explorer with a collection of hidden treasures so large that he was able to open his own Natural History Museum. He found most of the fossils in an area that used to be a forest inhabited by amazing animals. Now he wants Colombians to get a closer look at their pre-historic past. 

Andres Felipe Vanegas is our Game Changer.

The Tatacoa desert, where Andres’ museum is located, is far away from cities whose artificial light fills the skies. In fact, locals say the desert sky is pitch-black after sunset and it’s possible to observe over 80 constellations. That’s why it’s becoming a popular site for those who enjoy nature and science.