“Could you spare an hour?” gives medical treatment to those in need in Argentina

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A doctor is donating his time to give medical attention to Argentina’s most vulnerable.

Health care is universal and free in Argentina and is enshrined in the country’s constitution. However, while many people still opt for private healthcare, the public system is under growing pressure.

The ailing economy has left public hospitals overstretched and unable to treat patients, often low-income families and retirees.

One doctor began treating people in parks and community centers. He set up an organization called “Could you spare an hour?”

Our Game Changer is Doctor Mariano Masiocchi.

About 200,000 people are now living in extreme poverty in Buenos Aires. That’s double the number from three years ago.

The Center of Metropolitan Studies conducted a poll and found 65% of those surveyed say they don’t make enough money to pay their bills because of the country’s economic crisis.