Egyptian security forces under pressure after new attack on tourist bus

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Egyptian security forces under pressure after new attack on tourist bus

No one has claimed responsibility for an attack on a tourist bus in Egypt. At east 17 people were wounded in the bombing, which happened near the Grand Egyptian Museum next to the pyramids in Giza. It’ss the latest attack on the country’s vital tourism industry. CGTN’s Adel EL Mahrouky has details.

With the background of the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza, the main target of the attack is clear. It’s another attempt to ruin the Egyptian tourism industry, this time by hitting a South African tour bus. Most of those injured were Egyptians next to the tourists’ bus, but no deaths have been reported.

“All indications tell us that this is a new group, their main purpose is to create propaganda,” said Mostafa Amin, who researchers extremist groups for Egypt’s Rose Al-Youssef magazine. “To attack the tourism industry, to target a church attempting to demonstrate that Copts are not well secured. No group has claimed responsibility in this attack or the previous similar one.”

Egyptian authorities said all injuries were minor. The incident once again raises questions about Egypt’s security measures.

“These types of attacks are extremely difficult to spot,” said Amin. “The explosive devices used are very small and almost ineffective. The process of choosing locations and implementing the attacks show they are usually improvised attacks. To track these perpetrators is very difficult, because mainly they are lone wolves.”

This is the second bomb attack against tourist buses in about six months. Sunday’s explosion put pressure on Egypt’s security forces. Next month the country is expecting an huge influx of tourists as Egypt hosts the African Cup of Nations.