This week on Full Frame: Artificial Intelligence with Kai-Fu Lee

Full Frame

As the impact of artificial intelligence becomes more visible in the tech world, the global race to develop AI is intensifying. Kai-Fu Lee is a leading AI expert and author of the book, AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order.

China is trying to dominate the field, and Lee has become a national — and international — star in the AI world. Lee’s venture capital firm, Sinovation Ventures, is responsible for making millionaires and billionaires out of AI entrepreneurs.

Lee speaks to Full Frame about how AI actually works and misconceptions about the technology. Viewed as a futuristic technology, Lee explains how AI is already underlying almost every aspect of our lives already today.

One of the biggest concerns over AI is the loss of certain jobs. Lee says AI will likely take over the “boring, repetitive and emotionless” jobs. At the same time, creative, strategic and empathetic jobs will always require humans to fill them, like teachers, psychiatrists or CEOs. In the second part of the interview, Lee shares how he thinks how we view work will change because of machine learning.

How is artificial intelligence being developed in the United States? From food to fashion and even mental health, AI has a growing influence on the way we live.