This week on Full Frame: Belt and Road Initiative with Andy Mok

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China’s investment in connectivity and infrastructure over the years has catapulted their economy into the world’s second largest. Now, China is seeking to share their development model with the world through it’s Belt and Road Initiative.

CGTN’s Mike Walter recently sat down with Andy Mok in Beijing. Mok is an entrepreneur, investor, and policy analyst researching the Belt and Road.Also known as the BRI, the initiative looks to advance global access to transportation, energy trade, and internet connectivity.

Mok spoke to Full Frame about the scope of the initiative, its goals, and its potential to industrialize the developing world.

China’s hedging its bets that their economic model will help industrialize the developing world just as it did for them. Mok believes that though it is still early, the benefit brought on by the BRI has started to show.

In our next piece we follow the Belt and Road from Guangdong to Mombasa, where the BRI is off to the races with high-speed rail that is changing how locals work, travel, and do business.