A hit movie boosts guitar sales in Paracho, Mexico

Americas Now

An award-winning animated film called “Coco” has started a guitar craze. “Americas Now” takes you to the town in Mexico where the instrument is made.

“Coco” is an animated movie about a small Mexican boy, Miguel, who dreams of becoming a musician despite his family’s opposition. The town of Paracho, in the state of Michoacan, is famous nationwide for its guitar industry. But since the premier of the movie in 2017, the industry has gained global fame. It’s also experiencing booming sales.

Our Urban Voice is a guitar maker or luthier in the city of Paracho. Meet Salvador Meza.

A luthier can spend up to 70 hours crafting a single guitar. Salvador Meza is now focusing his production on the international market and recently added new customers in Europe.