“Femina” is a female band from Patagonia focused on peace, love and “harmony”

Americas Now

You may have heard of the term “Boy Band” – young male singers who are usually teenagers. A couple of examples include Latin America’s “Menudo” or “The Backstreet Boys” from the United States. Currently, the K-Pop band, “BTS” is all the rage.

What’s less common is the term “Girl Band.” But that’s exactly who we profile in our Urban Voice segment. They’re from Patagonia in Argentina and called “Femina.” And they’ve just released their third album.

“Americas Now” caught up with them while they were on tour in North America right here in Washington DC.

Femina’s new album is called “Perlas and Conchas” which means “Pearls and Shells” in English. The album includes a musical collaboration with the “Godfather of Punk”… Iggy Pop.

Check out our Urban Voice on the Urban Fusion trio… “Femina.” 

And check them out on Twitter @FeminaMusica.