FDA approves first-ever postpartum depression drug

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Many women who’ve just given birth, experience some type of mental disorder. The suffering is sometimes so acute they commit suicide. Now, the first drug to specifically treat postpartum depression has just hit the market in the U.S.

CGTNs Karina Huber reports.

Six months into Sara Rempe’s pregnancy with her son Ezekial she had a severe four-day panic attack – that felt both physical and mental.

Rempe had experienced anxiety before but this time the stakes were much higher.

Out of concern for her baby that Rempe went off anti-depressants during her pregnancy. It was not the right move.

Now, new treatment there’s a new treatment that could have helped her. It’s called brexanolone.

Psychiatrist and gynecologist Dr. Catherine Birndorf discusses postpartum depression

CGTN’s Karina Huber sat down with psychiatrist and gynecologist Dr. Catherine Birndorf to discuss postpartum depression.