Former FARC fighters getting “back-on-track” creating backpacks

Americas Now

Since the signing of a peace treaty between the Colombian government and the former rebel group the FARC, ex-combatants are still struggling to reintegrate back into society.

The government pays $220 a month to participants in the reintegration program to help them develop labor projects.

One community of former guerrillas is using the skills they acquired in the jungle as tailors – making uniforms and tents – to launch a new enterprise.

And their business is taking off. Our Game Changer is Andres Zuluaga.

Another way former FARC guerrilla members are trying to make a living is through tourism. In Pondores, Colombia a group of former FARC fighters has opened up their former camp to tourists. It re-creates the daily life of FARC soldiers during the armed conflict.