Raging wildfires engulf forests across Chile

Americas Now

Intense forest fires have consumed tens of thousands of hectares throughout Chile. The multiple blazes have broken records and prompted the president to call them a catastrophe.

Extreme weather conditions cause many threatening situations across the globe. Rising sea levels, for example, escalate the impact of coastal storms. And accelerating heat causes the formation of tornadoes.

In South America, high temperatures have led to another menacing weather event – massive wildfires in Chile. The country has been ravaged by the flames as 30 percent of its national territory is covered by forests.

Correspondent Harris Whitbeck reports on what the country is doing to combat what has become an urgent problem.

Chile also has a long history with earthquakes. In fact, the largest earthquake to be recorded in the 20th century occurred in Chile. It took place in 1960 and measured 9.5 on the Richter scale. Five thousand people were killed in the catastrophic quake and two million left homeless.