Have Hong Kong protests been hijacked?


Hong Kong ProtestsProtesters surround a man carrying a t-shirt baring the words “I love police” who protesters claimed was a police officer from mainland China, during a demonstration at the Airport in Hong Kong, Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)

The fifth day of protests at Hong Kong International Airport took an explosive turn as police clashed with rioters – who had built makeshift barricades from luggage carts and threw objects at the police. Video shows rioters beating at least two men they suspected to be undercover agents, while the officers used pepper spray and batons to enter the terminal.

This is the second day demonstrations at the airport have caused massive flight cancellations and other disruptions at the Hong Kong’s busiest travel hub.

What started as a protest of the controversial fugitive bill two months ago, appears to have evolved into full on riots. But what do these protesters want? And do they represent the same cause? And how much longer will this go on.

To help us to understand events on the ground – and what led up to them is Fred Teng, President of the America China Public Affairs Institute.