G-7 leaders gather in France as Amazon burns, US-China trade war escalates

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G-7 leaders gather in France as Amazon burns, US-China trade war escalates

Leaders of the G-7 group of industrialized nations are gathering in southern France for their 45th summit. Host country France was hoping to focus on fighting terrorism, and gender equality.

But as CGTN’s Stefan de Vries reports, other pressing issues are likely to top the agenda.

Over the next three days, G-7 leaders will debate the problems of the world, here in Biarritz, in southwestern France, and there are many.

Initially, the main subjects were the battle against global inequality and the fight against climate change. This last topic may become the absolute priority now, with devastating wildfires raging in the Amazon rainforest. The French president Emmanuel Macron, the host of this G-7 Summit, is extremely worried about the situation in Brazil and said it deserves top attention.

But there are other pressing issues, like the gloomy prospects for the global economy. As meetings were set to get underway, China announced new trade tariffs on American goods, in response to more planned by the U.S. Macron will try to convince his American counterpart Donald Trump that his protectionism could contribute to a worldwide recession.

The G-7 Summit will also attempt to de-escalate tensions between the U.S. and Iran. The European Union members are trying to save the nuclear deal that they signed in 2015 with Tehran. The Group of Seven includes France, the U.S. and Britain, along with Canada, Germany, Italy and Japan. On Saturday, nine other leaders, mainly from the African Continent, are joining the meeting as well.

Not everybody here supports the G-7, though. Protesters have planned peaceful marches in nearby Hendaye on Saturday. Over 13,000 police officers are deployed to protect the summit, set to end on Monday afternoon. Concrete results are not very likely, but Emmanuel Macron is pragmatic and will try to seek a minimum of common ground amongst the partners, even if there are few topics on which they agree.