Fancy pre-wedding photoshoots a big business in China

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Fancy pre-wedding photoshoots a big business in China

Before saying their wedding vows, more and more couples in China are saying ‘smile!’ for the camera. Glamorous pre-wedding photoshoots are now a booming industry there.

CGTN’s Connie Lee takes a look.

With a big smile, and a fancy dress and a shiny crown on her head, a woman walks through the hallway of one building in Beijing. It may look like she’s walking to the altar, when instead she’s headed to a make-believe rainforest.

Despite how she’s dressed, today is not her wedding day. It’s more of a ‘photo day’ with her husband-to-be and many other Chinese couples.

Weddings in China are a big business—it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. And part of that is elaborate pre-wedding photoshoots—a booming industry right now. 

At one photo studio in Beijing, called Love Story in Rome, they have around 50 couples on a daily basis taking their photos. The studio is cashing in on the trend.

“Chinese people used to love to go out or away for their wedding photos, but now they prefer to shoot indoors,” said Zhao Rongchang, the general manager of the photo studio.

It’s a one-stop-shop for all the things you need for a glamorous photoshoot—a closet full of clothes and accessories; different sets and backdrops.

You can get a romantic shoot under a ‘starry night’ or have your photo taken while submerged in water.

“It’s really tiring to shoot outside, moving from one place to another. This wedding photo studio is indoors and it provides everything you want,” said one bride-to-be Zhao Tianyou.

Hair and makeup, and a group of assistants are also provided for that perfect snap.