This week on Full Frame: The Growth of Africa with W. Gyude Moore

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W. Gyude Moore and Mike WalterFormer Liberian minister of public works discusses the growth of Africa with Full Frame Host Mike Walter.

Much of Africa’s economic prosperity clings to its ability to improve infrastructure – from access to electricity to reliable internet and efficient transportation.

But, with a lack of financing can these ideas become a reality? Much of Africa doesn’t have enough resources to build a modern economy.

In this week’s Full Frame, host Mike Walter talks with W. Gyude Moore, the former minister of public works for Liberia, about the growth of Africa. He discusses Liberia’s struggles and achievements and the impact foreign investment, especially that of China, is making on the continent.

“We see now the West looking at Africa as a place to help with development, and China looking at Africa as a place to do business,” Moore said. “So where the West side saw an unstable place, China saw an opportunity.”

Millions of young people in Africa choose to leave, often in search of a better and more stable life, free from war and disease. But migration brings with it complex challenges. In the second part of his interview, Moore discusses current African migration.

For centuries, the small Kenyan town of Voi was visited only by those looking to explore the country’s interior. But when a train was built, in the late 19th century, with it came tourists. But, the aging line needed to be replaced. Today, a new Chinese-funded railway has been built in an effort to transform the East African country’s economy.