World’s largest motor show takes the stage in Frankfurt

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World's largest motor show takes the stage in FrankfurtWorld’s largest motor show takes the stage in Frankfurt

It is one of the largest motor shows in the world. And this year it’s not just about motors, but mobility.

CGTN’s Guy Henderson reports from Frankfurt.

From sports cars to family-sized SUVs. The headline acts at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show are electric. German car-maker Audi’s chief executive, Bram Schot, suggested this was just the start.

“The future is electric and the Audi e-tron is for us and already for a lot of delighted customers an electrifying beginning.” Each of the big German brands had their moment in the spotlight.

Some experts see electric car sales surpassing the one million mark across Europe next year. Going green is no longer a luxury. It’s increasingly seen as a necessity.

The German auto giants are out to show they’re serious about cleaning up their act at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. By presenting a whole range of new fully electric and hybrid vehicles. That is only one part of a strategy aimed at responding to significant and rapid changes taking place across the industry.

Another emerging theme is not so much the vehicles themselves – as the systems that connect them. German firm EDAG offers what’s called mobility solutions – that promise to transform how we travel.

Organizers say the entire show is taking on a different look. Here’s this year’s spokesperson for the Frankfurt Motor Show, Eckehart Rotter:

“We are discussing at this IAA all the points and themes of mobility – urban mobility, electro-mobility, OAM and supplier situation, how to use car-sharing – how to use all mobility instruments and tools. Not only cars.”

Ultimately, though, this is still a motor show. And it’s cars that the public’s come to see.