Italian doctor helps amputees get on their feet in Afghanistan

World Today

Afghan authorities say three thousand three hundred civilians have been killed and more than fourteen and a half thousand injured in the crossfire this year.

As Afghanistan’s presidential election approaches there is no sign of a let-up in the violence.

For almost thirty years Italian physiotherapist Dr. Alberto Cairo has been overseen rehabilitation efforts for amputees at seven orthopedic clinics spread across Afghanistan.

At this Red Cross center in Kabul there is never a quiet day.

“We have registered and assisted almost 190,000 people.  Forty years of war is not just a matter of fighting. The country it’s been destroyed in a way, it’s been damaged so so severely, the economy, the justice the education, so automatically everyone is suffering,’ said Dr. Cairo.

The clinic is a one-stop-shop where most staff are also disabled.

For cultural reasons women are assisted in a separate unit by female staff needs and care are the same.

Many people receive therapy for years.

Throughout the civil war, Taliban rule and the current conflict these wards have kept their doors open.

This month the government granted Dr. Cairo Afghan citizenship. He said he is honored by the gesture but insists the real need is more donor funding.