Climate Change: Are we too late?


Greta Thunberg during an April 2019 session at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. (Photo by FREDERICK FLORIN / AFP)

REPOST from August 9, 2018

Europe has been experiencing record breaking heat waves; there are unheard of wildfires in the Arctic region; glacier melts are flooding out entire villages in Greenland; and it’s official: the World Meteorological Organization declared this past July as the hottest in recorded history.

To many observers, it seems the predicted effects of climate change are not only real – but happening sooner than expected. Even if nations around the world can meet the goals of Paris Climate Agreement, is it possible we’ve already passed a tipping point. And if so, how bad can we expect it to get? And are governments around the world prepared to deal with it? How will it affect you?

To help us get a better perspective on all of these questions, we’re joined now by Paul Bledsoe. Paul is a strategic adviser with the Progressive Policy Institute and president of Bledsoe and Associates, an energy and climate change consulting firm. He was also the director of communications for the White House Climate Change Task Force under the Bill Clinton administration.