Lowest voter turnout in 18 years in Afghanistan elections

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Lowest voter turnout in 18 years in Afghanistan elections

In Afghanistan the turnout in the presidential election was the lowest in 18-years. And Afghans may be getting the results later rather than sooner.

CGTN’s Jack Barton explains.

Having expected the results of Saturday’s presidential election the following day, Afghans were told they may have to wait three weeks.

What is clear is that only about 20% of registered voters cast a ballot. Security was a big concern.

Analysts say allegations of past electoral fraud and corruption has led to disillusionment.

A legitimate president leading a legitimate government is necessary to help foster a peace deal between the U.S. and the Taliban.

The Taliban now controls more territory than at any point since the U.S. led invasion, which came on the heels of a prolonged civil war that followed the fight against the Soviet Union, so the next president of Afghanistan will lead a country devastated by four decades of war.

The resurgence of the Taliban amid the political turmoil worries many Afghans.

Afghans want a better economy and less corruption, but those are not the top priority.

What is needed is for a presidential candidate to emerge with a clear majority.

If an outcome is announced in three weeks, it’s likely to lead to a run-off election between the two leading candidates, something officials say would happen in November at the earliest.