Typhoon Hagibis leaves path of destruction through Japan

World Today

At least four have died and more than a dozen are missing as the strongest Typhoon in 60-years ripped through Japan.

Typhoon Hagibis has now been downgraded to a Severe Tropical Storm. It left a trail of destruction and now that the sun is up residents are taking stock of the damage. Toni Waterman reports.

The images are rolling in as Typhoon Hagibis rolls out. Homes destroyed splintered and strewn across streets. Rivers rushing and overflowing. Typhoon Hagibis has left in its wake a mess.

Public broadcaster NHK says at least four have been reported dead: one man killed after strong winds flipped his vehicle another swept away in his car.

When Hagibis made landfall southwest of Tokyo just before 7pm local time it was the strongest storm in 60 years. Winds whipped at up to 120 mph and the skies unleashed record-breaking rainfall. The popular resort town of Hakone, inundated with a shocking 37 inches of rain in the span of 24 hours. Rivers in many areas burst their banks too much for sandbags to hold back

Adding to concerns a 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck off Tokyo’s southeast coast just as Hagibis made landfall although no damage was reported. And this image captured on a cellphone appears to show a tornado churning over Ichihara.

More than 6 million people were urged to evacuate their homes as Hagibis advanced although advisories have now been lifted in most of central and eastern Japan.

Transportation at most train stations and airports though remains halted as officials conduct safety checks.

Checks will also need to be made before four Rugby World Cup matches scheduled for Sunday are allowed to go ahead.