Telecom companies show off latest innovations at Mobile World Congress

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The Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry.

CGTN’s Ediz Tuyansan reports.

The biggest telecommunication firms around the world showcase their latest technological capabilities.
“We forecast that 5G is going to reach close to 20% of mobile subscribers by 2025… And that’s going to be anything from a lot faster speeds on your phone, to the ability that get into immersive reality things like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality,” Tim Hatt from GSMA Intelligence said.

5G technology is at the heart of this year’s conference. The ability to share mass amounts of data could change our daily lives.

“Now you think, if I need to teach myself something, I’m going to look it up on YouTube. In the future, you’ll be able to look up a VR / AR experience that teaches you that much more effectively through either 3D holograms or full virtual environment, and you’d be able to download that instantly onto your device,” Ned Atkins from Enklu said.

Playing a match with your favorite tennis star will also be possible. Integrating bigger amounts of data will soon help simulate a more REAL experience!
In fact, some tech companies are planning on taking you to places in REAL time.

“With the help of 5G, you could be present anywhere, you could watch your favorite players walking in, give a live press conference, you could see what they’re wearing, immediately be able to tweet about It, buy it… so you’re… very much experiencing it as it happens,” Omair Dawood of Infosys said.

Developments in AI have also led to robots with greater capabilities. Service robots like XR1 may soon be used in a variety of sectors. The smart retail store exhibited here is completely automated.

You enter by introducing your payment method at first. With sensors on the shelves and cameras around the room – The number and kind of items picked by the customer can automatically identified.
The power of 5-G could significantly impact our daily lives and economies…