Full Frame: Urban Violence in the U.S. with Roseanna Ander

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Over the past quarter century violent crime in the United States has fallen dramatically, but gun deaths are the highest they’ve been in 40 years, and few know that more than the people in Chicago. In 2018, there were 590 homicides there, the majority of them from guns, and this year is on track to surpass that horrifying number. So, what has created this and what can be done to stop and reverse this awful trend? For this we turn to Roseanna Ander, the Founding Executive Director of The University of Chicago’s Crime Lab and Education Lab.

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In the U.S., many Americans associate guns with freedom, and are against common sense gun policies that – in their mind – infringe on the second amendment, which says the people have the right to “keep and bear arms.” So, how can those two dynamics coexist? We get to that and more in the second part of our interview with Roseanna Ander.

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Antonio Fernandez, known by his street name King Tone, was once considered the most notorious gangster in America. He was the leader of the Latin Kings, one of the largest and most violent street gangs in the country. He’s served his time but is returning to prison by choice. Using his story as a cautionary tale for others.