Top automakers showcase new electric models in LA Auto Show

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Electric is the future for nearly all of the car manufacturers showcasing their latest models here at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Gone are the days of big combustion engines and exhaust pipes.

Most brands here have new models with electric motors and electrically charged batteries.

Among the highlights is Jaguar’s I-pace, recipient of three “World Car Awards” this year, including the best Green Car.

Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover said: “We have a range of about 500 km and that allows you the majority of day to day journeys. This vehicle only has to be charged twice a week or so. And it’s also capable of being charged faster where you can charge it in DC mode, it’s more than 100 KWh.”

And the competition is now all about efficiency.

The Chinese-owned Karma has released its new SC model, named after “Southern California.” Its engineers have factored in tire resistance, brakes, and even aerodynamics, to gain that extra mile.

Todd George, VP of Engineering of Karma Automotive says: “We wanna continue to improve range, just like others, low roll resistance tires, we’ve developed a tire with Pirelli. We develop the low drag brake system that not many people know of but it gained us range. And we do our overall aero study of the vehicle to make sure that we have a low coefficient drag on the vehicle, so there’s many opportunities like that that make you more efficient.”

Many new cars are now electric, and that’s having an impact on a variety of sectors. Charging stations like this one, are being planned and set up all across America, and several companies are already offering services, accessories, and even charging stations for personal use at home.

Most brands are striving to address the so-called “Range Anxiety” felt by first-time buyers of electric cars.

Ford’s famous sports car, the Mustang, also has a new all-electric SUV sibling, with brand-new software that facilitates charging.

Ted Cannis, Ford Global Director of Electrification said: “We’ve put a whole bunch of networks together so you can roam from company to company over 12500 charges in North America. And you can charge from anyone using your Ford Pass App on your phone or see the chargers in the display in the car, that makes it that easy.”

Until a nationwide electric charging infrastructure is in place, most auto-makers will continue to offer hybrid cars. But that could change soon

Pieter Nota, Member of the Board of Management of BMW Group says: “By 2023 we will have 25 electrified vehicles on the road, and also that’s what customers increasingly demand all over the world.”

That demand, driven by climate concerns, and satisfied by these zero-emission vehicles.