Aftershock in Albania as quake deaths rise to 45

World Today

The ground quakes in Albania with another strong aftershock. It struck the second-largest city, Durres.

There was no significant damage as panic swept the coastal town. And the national death toll from Tuesday’s quake rises over 40.

CGTN’s Aljosa Milenkovic reported from Durres.

An ambulance carried the body of a victim recovered from the ruins of a building in Durres. The second one took a man to a hospital. He collapsed when he realized that the body in the first car was his brother, another victim found in the ruins.

Just until Monday late night, there was hotel of seven floors. Now, it was just a massive pile of rubble. For almost sixty hours, rescuers were trying to clear up debris. Using heavy machines, they fought the clock, hoping to find and save people feared to be trapped beneath.

On the other side of town, people left homeless were finding shelter in these tents. Dorjan Cakaj’s family was among them. While holding his two-year-old son, Dorjan shared his anxiety about the situation they’ve found themselves in. “Everything is destroyed. Everything is ruined. It is a catastrophe. Our house is inhabitable. I cannot live there,” Cakaj said. “I am terrified. I am afraid because of the children, but for ourselves too.”

Just a hundred meters from the tents, NGO’s were handing out some food, water, and clothing to those in need. Though desperate for help, many were not happy with the aid distribution. They blamed the government for an inadequate response. “I want to get bread, water, or anything. They are not giving it to us,” Naxhije Kaculi, one of the city’s residents, said.

While the worst earth tremors were behind for these survivors, their fight to recover from catastrophe had just begun.