Earthquake ravaged towns in Albania begin rebuilding

World Today

Rescue efforts are winding down in Albania after this week’s deadly earthquake.

49 people are dead and hundreds injured.

People in the hardest-hit towns of Thumane and Durres are trying to return to normal.

CGTN’s Aljosa Milenkovic is in Durres with more.

Many are leaving their damaged homes in search of someplace safe. Others, like street vendor Zelie have to stay.

She has to provide for her daughter and husband, who both are ill, but there’s no business.

“Most of the people left. The buildings are empty, and people are gone. They are going to Tirana because the buildings are destroyed. And seven buses went to Kosovo yesterday. I am feeding my family by selling fruits and vegetables that I grow. My house is destroyed. All the water comes inside, and I don’t receive any aid,” said Zelie Kocia a street vendor.

The quake did not damage this five-star hotel, but its manager is afraid about what it means for the next tourist season and his 63 employees.

“I think in a future it will be very bad situation. Because the name of Durres, the name of the place, of the country. If they google the name of Durres, of course the first thing on all the pages right now is the earthquake. So, they would be afraid to come and visit us,” said Fatos Limaj the General Manager of Hotel Palace.

Fatos himself is preparing free coffee for anyone who enters the doors but the hotel is not yet accepting guests.