Did the Afghanistan Papers reveal anything new?


U.S. soldiers gather near a destroyed vehicleU.S. soldiers gather near a destroyed vehicle and protect their faces from rotor wash, as their wounded comrades are airlifted by a Medevac helicopter from the 159th Brigade Task Force Thunder to Kandahar Hospital Role 3 on Aug. 23, 2011. (PHOTO: Johannes Eisele/AFP)

In a bombshell revelation, government documents show U.S. officials misled the American public about the war in Afghanistan.

The trove of documents obtained by The Washington Post details how three U.S. presidents – and their military commanders – falsified reports about progress in the war.

The disclosures come as U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to announce a partial troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.The administration is also hoping for a peace deal with the Taliban.

With us to discuss the Afghanistan Papers – and broader implications for America’s longest war – is Dr. Ahmad Wais Wardak. He’s a professor at the University of Connecticut and a political analyst on Afghanistan and the region.

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