Following an Argentinean tango team on their quest to win the World Cup

Americas Now

Every year, Buenos Aires hosts the largest tango festival and competition in the world. Dancers from around the globe come to Argentina’s capital to compete in what has been called the “Tango World Cup.”

This year, Juan Pablo Bulich and Rocio Garcia Liendo had high hopes it would be their year.  They have been dancing together since 2008 with several dance companies. They have performed internationally and went to China twice. During those 11 years they fell in love, became a romantic couple for five years and broke up. But they kept dancing because they understand each other.

In 2013, they finished in third place at the Tango World Cup Buenos Aires. In 2015, they placed second. This year they danced again.

Correspondent Joel Richards followed this tango tandem on their journey to attain a hard-to-get crown.