Chile is a front-runner in Latin America’s Artificial Intelligence race

Americas Now

Chile is making its mark in the world, and specifically in the Latin America, with its focus on technology. But as the the country moves closer to its goal, it sees the need for more coordinated policies. That and the desire to build a more “informed and knowledge-based” society prompted the creation of its own Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation  in 2018. 

Andres Couve has spent his entire career working on research and development. A biologist with a PhD degree in Cell Biology from the prestigious Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, he also holds a post-doctorate in Neuroscience from University College London (UCL). He has been published in over 40 international journals. He was working as a teacher/researcher at one of Chile’s public universities when he got the call from President Sebastian Pinera to lead the newly created ministry. 

Lately, there’s been a lot of debate about Chile’s agenda for the future. One ambition is to lead the region in the use of artificial intelligence. “Americas Now” anchor Elaine Reyes sat down with Andres Couve to talk to him about that and other Chilean innovations.