China: The U.S. has wasted precious time China has bought


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U.S. President Donald Trump and his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continue to refer to the 2019 novel coronavirus as the “Chinese Virus” – and China’s officials have responded.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang called the references an attempt to pass the buck and stigmatize China while it has worked to fight the pandemic domestically and internationally.

Geng added that China was completely transparent when it disclosed information about the coronavirus since the epidemic started.

“For more than two months, China has provided timely information to the U.S. and the two sides have also carried out technological cooperation,” Geng said.

“Over the past two months and more, the Chinese people have united as one to fight against the epidemic, gaining valuable time for the rest of the world. But it is a pity, as many U.S. media and specialists have noted, that the U.S. has wasted the precious time China has bought.”