COVID-19: UnHoused podcaster warns homeless are at grave risk


A man walks past a mural of angel wings by artist Colette Miller in Los Angeles’s Skid Row area. (AP Photo / Jae C. Hong)

GUEST: Theo Henderson – Homeless activist and host of the “We the UnHoused” podcast.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to escalate in the U.S., California is one of the states hardest hit by the outbreak. As hospitals and public services are stretched to their limits, California has been under a strict “shelter in place” order since last week.

But what does “shelter in place” mean to the nearly 60,000 Californians who are without a home? Without access to basic resources or healthcare – how can those UnHoused protect themselves from the deadly virus? What should the government be doing to help? And what can those without shelter do to protect their rights and safety during this dangerous time?

Sharing his perspective from the homeless community in Los Angeles, California, is Theo Henderson. He’s an activist and host of the podcast, “We the Unhoused.” Theo, himself, is Unhoused – and joined us via Skype from a park near Chinatown.

We the UnHoused podcast