A three-part series presenting a first-hand look at the people immersed in the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the eve of the 2020 Chinese New Year, a mysterious new illness was discovered in Wuhan China.

Now known as COVID-19, the illness quickly infected thousands causing the unprecedented lockdown of millions within the city and its surrounding areas.

‘24 Hours in Wuhan’ goes behind-the-scenes of this lockdown to show viewers glimpses into the lives of Wuhan residents, COVID-19 patients, medical workers and volunteers fighting the virus at ground zero.

Watch Episode 1: Epicenter

‘Epicenter’ takes a look at the start of the COVID-19 epidemic. Meet the Leis, a local family ravaged by COVID-19 as they struggle to overcome the illness. Follow first responders and volunteers as they struggle to grasp the magnitude of the spreading epidemic.

Watch Episode 2: Quarantine

‘Quarantine’ tells the story of life inside Wuhan’s unprecedented quarantine. Going behind-the-scenes of the lockdown, this installment shows the crucial role played by community volunteers. Meet Lao Ji, a volunteer delivery man risking his own life while being transformed into an unlikely hero as he endeavors to get patients and medical workers the supplies they need.

Watch Episode 3: Recovery

‘Recovery’ depicts life in the final stages of Wuhan’s lockdown. With tens of thousands of residents recovering from COVID-19, the 50 million people of Hubei begin seeing life return to normal. Follow Yang Jing as she records her recovery at a temporary hospital while others like it are now closing across the city.


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