COVID-19: Debunking the Wuhan lab conspiracy theory


Inside the P4 laboratory in Wuhan in 2017. (PHOTO: JOHANNES EISELE/AFP)

GUEST: Max Blumenthal, journalist, author, and founder of The Grayzone.

Experts are debating the origins of COVID-19, but one thing many seem to agree on: it came from nature. That hasn’t stopped some conservative news organizations – and the White House – from reporting conspiracy theories.

In recent weeks, theories have spread throughout the internet claiming COVID-19 began in a laboratory near the Chinese city of Wuhan. Claims repeatedly – and vigorously – denied by China.

The scientific community has rejected right-wing media outlets and social media speculation that the virus started in the Wuhan lab.

But, at a time when facts are most needed – how far will false rumors spread? And what dangers does misinformation pose to the global cause of defeating this deadly pandemic?

To talk more about misinformation in the media, we were joined on our television program by journalist and author, Max Blumenthal, founder and editor of The Grayzone.