Surge in plant based diets amid COVID-19


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One trend is being boosted by the prospect of meat shortages and concerns that the coronavirus originated in animals.

It’s a pivot to plant based diets.

And it could be a practice with staying power beyond this health crisis. CGTN’s Frances Kuo reports.

Mike Lee is rigorous about his fitness regime. That focus on his life stretches to his runs to the supermarket. Especially now.

“Because of the coronavirus outbreak, people have started paying more attention to their diet and health, as they are now more afraid of getting sick”, said Mike Lee a Fitness Trainer.

More and more people are following what Mike Lee has been practicing for awhile, plant based diets.

“Don’t cook it too long, after all, it’s just plant based meat, not real meat. So just cook it for a short while then break it up into pieces.”, said Mike Lee a Fitness Trainer.

Consulting firm Euromonitor has predicted China’s meatless market will be worth nearly 12 billion dollars by 2023. That was before the COID pandemic outbreak. Research firm MarketsandMarkets believes the global plant based meat market size is projected to rise nearly 17 percent next year.

David Yeung saw that trend coming way before. He’s the founder of ‘Green Monday’ which supplies products across Asia from U.S. firm ‘Beyond Meat’. Some of their most popular items are a pork substitute, plant based chicken nuggets and non-dairy milks.

“We are talking about a 77 percent increase in grocery sales. And then our online shop also has done well a lot of people are staying home and ordering food or things from home”, said David Yeung the Founder & Chief Executive of Green Monday Group.

Much of the boost stems from fears generated from the pandemic. It’s the latest infectious disease transmitted from animals to humans.

“Coronavirus is not the first, and sadly, it also won’t be the last unless we overhaul our food system.”, said David Yeung the Founder & Chief Executive of Green Monday Group.

For vegetarian regular the habit is simply healthier.

“Because they eat more vegetables and fruits, their immune system is stronger and better, which can help with fighting against the coronavirus.”, said Vincy Fok a vegetarian.

Yet another impact from the coronavirus but some believe is for the better.