COVID-19: Fallout from U.S. attacks on China | Amb. Max Baucus


GUEST: Max Baucus – Former U.S. ambassador to China and Senator from Montana.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to destabilize society in the United States, the administration of Donald Trump is continuing its attacks against China.

After weeks claiming the Chinese withheld vital information about the virus in its early days of the virus – AND spreading unproven theories about its origin – Trump has now publicly threatened to cut ties to China, entirely.

But where will these attacks lead? Are they purely political? To deflect blame for Trump’s own handling of the crisis?

And what can parties do – in both countries – to avoid a permanent rift between the world’s two largest superpowers.

In this episode, we share our broadcast interview with someone who knows very well the nuances – and fragility – of U.S.- China relations. Max Baucus was the 11th U.S. ambassador to China under the Obama administration. He also served as a U.S. Senator from Montana for almost 36 years.