NOLA silenced by COVID-19

Americas Now

Nurses in NOLA were overwhelmed by COVID-19 cases.

The city of New Orleans became one of the earliest hot zones for COVID-19.  

Consider this sobering statistic. More people have now died from the Coronavirus than were killed by Hurricane Katrina 15 years ago.  

While the crisis is abating, doctors and nurses are worried about a second wave, once the state opens up.  

But when the base of their entire economy is built on the service and tourism industries, keeping businesses closed turns out to be difficult.  

Living under the threat of COVID-19 transformed New Orleans from a city that thrived on celebration to one with a severe hangover. Silenced. With no swagger, no songs 

Correspondent Sean Callebs travelled to the city nicknamed The Big Easy and discovered life there today is anything but. He also got a rare and exclusive look inside a Coronavirus hospital ward treating critically ill patients. This is his report.