Full Frame: The Coronavirus and the Economy

Full Frame

Full Frame: Cornavirus and the Economy

The International Monetary Fund says the severity of the Coronavirus on the global economy is unmatched by anything, aside from the Great Depression. That was the longest and most severe depression ever experienced by the industrialized Western world. So, now what?

After weeks of lockdowns, thousands of deaths and much of the global economy shut down, an uncertain future is the only thing that seems certain. What will the global economy look like once it does reopen?

Full Frame host, Mike Walter, talks with President of the World Trade Center Los Angeles, Stephen Cheung. Follow Stephen Cheung on Twitter @WTCLAStephen

As the U.S. economy takes an indefinite downturn, some small businesses are innovating to do whatever it takes to stay afloat. For several small distilleries across the country, it means switching from making booze to making much-needed hand sanitizer.
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China’s signing of an initial trade agreement with the U.S. had lifted hopes for an economic revival in 2020. Now, as China works to overcome the impact of the Coronavirus, it’s also working to reach its goal of poverty alleviation.

Full Frame host, Mike Walter, talks with former United Nations Resident Coordinator in China, Khalid Malik about those efforts.