The Heat: COVID-19 economic impact & youth infection rate grows

The Heat

U.S. President Donald Trump has expressed optimism despite Covid-19 continuing to cut a devastating path across America. 

On Monday, the United States surpassed more than 60,000 new coronavirus cases for the first time in a single day. Across the country, more than a third of states reported record highs in daily new cases. The growing numbers come as the U.S. budget deficit widened to a record-high of $864 billion last month while many small and large businesses declared bankruptcy this year – blaming the pandemic in part for their demise.  

To discuss:

  • Dr. Gary Richwald is a communicable and infectious disease expert and the chief medical officer with Reel Health.
  • Raven McGregor, was diagnosed with Covid-19 in March and is now recovered.
  • Betsey Stevenson, served as an economic adviser in the Obama administration, and is currently a professor of public policy and economics at the University of Michigan.
  • Mehmet Osman Coskun is the owner of East West Coffee Wine in Northern Virginia.

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