Chile struggles to become a hub for robotics and AI in South America

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Meet Zippedi, a robot that currently roams the aisles of dozens of grocery stores all around the country.
Chile is ahead of other countries in the region when it comes to its technology sector. Lately, it’s focus has turned to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase productivity, especially in the job sector.  

The initiative has already spawned some fascinating new concepts. But digging deeper, you can notice there are still some hurdles to overcome.  

The study “Artificial Intelligence Readiness” performed by the Institute of Science Data of the University of Development and the Chamber of Commerce Chile-North Americasays Chile is at “a level of general immaturity in the incorporation of AI into processes and services.  

According to the report, 8 of 10 companies haven’t yet adopted technologies or any AI initiativefor their future plans. And 1 in 5 companies doesn’t think they will benefit from adopting AI into their processes.  

Nevertheless Chile’s government is still determined to become a regional leader in technology by the year 2030 by modeling itself after California’s Silicon Valley. In order to do so, they have started to establish the country’s official policy regarding AI which includes the creation of a new Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation.  

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, Correspondent Harris Whitbeck went to Santiago to see how far along on the road Chile is to achieving its goals.