Examining the impact of COVID-19 on Kenya and South Africa.

With their booming economies and geographic positions, Kenya and South Africa have long served as a bellwethers and gateways for conditions on the African continent. The key roles they play have made them among the highest at-risk for COVID-19 in Africa.

With large clusters of population density, normally facilitating both nations’ economic growth, these underdeveloped urban areas are now ground zero in Africa’s fight against COVID-19. Further complicating matters, for both medical professionals and people who live there, are factors such as food insecurity, the prevalence of HIV within their communities and underdevelopment.

With these risk factors in mind, authorities in South Africa and Kenya have had to turn to periods of strict curfews and restrictions in order to help control the spread of COVID-19.

‘Curfew: 24 Hours in Africa’ takes viewers to Nairobi, Kenya and Durban, South Africa to show the challenges doctors face in treating an already immunocompromised community as well as how those facing restrictions are coping in two of Africa’s fastest-growing countries.



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