Homelessness spikes in Florida amid COVID-19 pandemic

Americas Now

Mobile showers for the homeless are provided in Brevard County, Florida

Over a half a million people are homeless in the United States, and the problem has plagued Florida. 

The state is home to the third-largest homeless community in the nation – and that was before COVID-19.

The situation has fueled concerns that the state’s lack of shelter-in-place options and poor hygiene habits could leave the homeless community more vulnerable to the virus.

Seeking to prevent a rapid spread of COVID-19 among the homeless, local authorities, community advocates and human rights organizations have banded together to provide testing, personal protective equipment, and even mobile showers.

So far the homeless population in Florida has not seen a dramatic spike in cases and advocates have their fingers crossed that things will not get worse.

Correspondent John Zarrella explores the situation in Florida.