Are Florida’s seniors breaking up with Trump?

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Florida is the single largest swing state in the 2020 presidential election. With 29 electoral votes, the next president of the United States will likely be won or lost in the Sunshine State.

Senior citizens – people over the age of 65 – make up about 31% of Florida voters and are a critical bloc. In 2016, Trump won this age group by 17%. But things might be changing during the coronavirus pandemic.

As part of our Election 2020 coverage, CGTN’s Lisa Chiu talked to Villages residents to see whether their views are shifting.

A September poll by the Florida American Association of Retired People found that Democratic candidate Joe Biden is leading at 49% to Trump’s 48%.

The Villages is a 55+ community with more than 115,000-160,000 residents. It’s the largest retirement community in the United States is in central Florida.

It’s located in three counties: Sumter, Marion, and Lake – all have voted for a Republican presidential candidate since at least 2000.

The political battles that are taking place around the nation are happening here.