Seeing first hand how COVID-19 is impacting the nefarious world of drug dealing.

Most industries have felt adverse effects as COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly across the United States and Mexico; this includes the illicit world of drug trafficking.

Due to the economic hardships faced by people on both sides of the border, more people are turning to either purchasing or trafficking cheaper narcotics originating from Mexico; leading to growing violence in a landscape already known for cartel brutality. With the drop in economic opportunity has come a rise in the number of potential drug mules and with it a correlated growth in missing persons and assassinations.

‘Collateral: Drug Trafficking During COVID-19’ goes behind the scenes of the Mexican narcotics industry to speak with drug lords, assassins known as Sicarios. We'll meet some of the people who have suffered loss at their hands to depict the impacts of the global pandemic south of the US border.



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