Violence in Mexico is forcing people out of their homes

Americas Now

In Mexico, the issue of migration goes beyond Central Americans crossing the country to reach the U.S. Border. Drug cartel violence is forcing thousands of Mexicans to flee their homes and towns.

Since the start of Mexico’s War on Drugs in 2006, more than 150,000 Mexicans have been displaced. 

Defined as the “involuntary or coerced movement of people away from their home or home region,” the reasons for displacement are manifold; natural disasters, water contamination, air pollution, political and/or religious persecution.

But in Mexico, by far the most common cause is organized crime. 

As Mexico descends into ever-worsening violence, thousands upon thousands are falling victim to this phenomenon of “forced displacement” every year. And as Correspondent Alasdair Baverstock reports, the situation is only getting worse. 



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